Mechanical Engineering is referred to as “ The Mother of all engineering disciplines”. A Mechanical Engineer designs , develops, builds, tests, installs and maintains every machine in the world. It has its origin from the basic physical science and materials science that produced the most of the innovations in the history of mankind. It has foreseen the future and developed the fundamentals for power industry, automobile industry, avionics industry, Industrial automation, logistics, manufacturing plants and many more. It also finds applications in nano technology, Mechatronics, composite materials, cryogenics and many more futuristic sciences.

The course gives training and development in the various streams of Mechanical Engineering and gives ample practical applications in our fully - equipped laboratories.

he programme focuses on solutions to the problems in design, manufacturing, robotics, automotive, energy production, thermodynamics etc. The department has well qualified faculty members who are specialists in the fields of thermal, design, and manufacturing, and safety. The faculty includes post doctoral fellows and doctoral fellows from reputed universities /IIT`s from India and abroad.

The department provides an environment to students in such a way that they will be able to understand the core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, material science and energy.

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