The Civil Engineering Department was established in the year 2011. Initially the department was working as a support for other engineering branches and offered courses like Basic Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Graphics for the first year students and Strength of Materials Theory and Lab for Mechanical Engineering students. In 2011, the department was made a separate department with an annual Intake of 60 students. In 2012, the University has granted additional affiliation for 60 more students in Cvil Engineering Branch. Hence the annual intake of Civil Branch is 120.

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that is in most demand today. It is one of the three, core Engineering branches namely Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. The whole world is facing a shortage of Civil Engineers due to vast expansion in Civil Engineering fields such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, water supply and sanitary engineering, railways, airports etc.

That is to say every building that is constructed, every dam that is built, every monument that is erected, every city that is planned, every airport that is made, etc. need services and creativity of Civil Engineers

This shows how much in demand are Civil Engineers today in Govt. as well as the private sector..Our civil engineering labs are well equipped, well- maintained to satisfy all requirements. The program emphasises on industry standard and research based projects, which would enhance their skills to become successful professionals for a holistic development.