Laboratories CE

Civil Engineering Labs


State of the art laboratories needed for the course are being set up in the department. All the labs more than meet the requirements laid down by AICTE and University with regard to area and other technical requirements. During the first year of engineering, students of all branches undergo surveying practical and masonry workshop.

1. Surveying Lab

As the civil engineering students need extensive training in surveying, the lab is set up with all the latest instruments. The surveying lab has instruments for all sorts of field survey works including total station, precision theodolites, leveling equipments, and conventional equipments like plane table etc.

2Material Testing Lab


The department has a well equipped SM lab for testing mechanical properties of materials used in construction. Students of both civil and mechanical branch use these facilities.

List of equipments

1.         Universal Testing Machine

2.         Spring testing machine

4.         Impact testing machine

5.         Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing machine

6.         Torsion Testing Machine  

7.         Fatigue Testing Machine   

8.         Compaction Factor Apparatus

9.         Compression Testing Machine  


3. Geotechnical Engineering Lab


The lab is equipped with latest equipments for testing the properties of soil and conducting various tests on soils. Students get good exposure to the tests related to soil mechanics.

4. Material Testing Laboratory -II (Concrete laboratory)


Laboratory testing is the common element which all participants in the construction process utilize to provide assurance that their part of the process is correct. In this context, Concrete lab provides facilities for testing various building construction materials, mortar, and concrete in fresh and hardened state. Consultancy work for various construction firms are done extensively in the lab. It includes test for compressive strength, flexural strength, fineness and mix design of concrete etc. Thus a hands on exposure to these tests helps the students to craft themselves to be a civil engineer with better confidence and assessment skills.


5. Environmental Engineering Lab


The Environmental Engineering Laboratory is a state of the art, well-equipped laboratory that is able to perform most types of laboratory analyses related to environmental engineering. This lab is mainly intended for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the characteristics of water, waste water, air and other environmental pollutants.

6. Computer Aided Design Laboratory - I (CAD LAB)


A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the civil engineering students. High end terminals supported by latest hardware and software, latest visual aids, plotting devices etc. are among them. Advanced civil engineering softwares are procured for making the students globally competitive and industry ready. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D plotting of civil engineering drawings using the latest version of Autocad software. Students are also given preliminary training. It is the best engineering college in the area of calicut and malappuram.