Laboratories CSE


The laboratories under Computer Science & Engineering Department are,

  • Programming Lab
  • Database lab
  • Hardware and Networking Lab
  • Internet Lab
  • Multimedia Lab
  • High Performance Computing Lab
  • Open Source Technologies Lab

Computer Science and Engineering Labs

Computer Graphics & Internet Lab

Internet facility is open to all the students from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm in the campus. The Internet lab consists of 61 Acer machines with Intel Dual core Processor,1 GB DDR2, 480 GB HDD, Samsung 17" TFT monitor. The internet lab is fully running on Free and Open Source platform. Ubuntu 12.04 is the installed operating system. Firewall is brilliantly configured to protect our system from external attacks.

Excellent feedback from the students and staff members motivate us to do more with Linux. High speed Broadband connection from BSNL provides very good performance in all the machines. The UPS and the generator help us to maintain a fully uninterrupted power supply throughout the working hours. Students and staffs can use internet lab only for academic and research oriented works. 

A graphics lab is used by students to improve their skills in animation and multimedia. High speed Core 2 Duo processors with 2GB Ram are used in all the sixty machines. nVidia Ge Force Graphics  Cards having 512 MB onboard memory are installed to give high performance in hard core graphics programs. We are providing graphics programming both in OpenGL and DirecX.

For that Linux and Windows operating systems are installed in every machine. Special care is given to train the students in graphics software like 3DS Max, Maya, GIMP, Flash, Photoshop, Dream Weaver etc. along with the lab activities. The lab is equipped with very good UPS from APC and is up throughout the working hours.

 Computer Hardware Lab

Every student who is an engineering graduate in Computer Science should have some practical experience with the hardware components of the personal computer or the laptops. Assembling and trouble shooting a computer system or a laptop is a must for a Computer student because it is becoming one of the very common devices they own. We are giving an exposure in installation of  different operating systems, familiarization of old and new hardware components like motherboards, add on cards, SMPS etc.

Computer Networking Lab


Networking lab is equipped with different types of Switches, bridges, NICs, etc. The configurations of all these components are demonstrated in detail. Network programming using Java is performed as part of the curriculum. Experiments are designed with a special care so that all the topics under the syllabus will be covered within 3 months time.

Advanced Computing Center

Sophisticated machines of 20 in number are there in Advanced Computing center especially for M.Tech postgraduate students. Research and Development activities are going one there.

Research and Development Center

Research and Development Center lab for doing dedicated research activities for both faculty and students. Machine of different platforms are there in this center. Top 10 engineering college in malappuram