Chairman Message

Vedavyasa College of Architecture, is a Self Financing Architecture College, established in the year 2014 and founded by Vedavyasa Trust. All the institutions under this Trust are named after Jagathguru Vedavyasa,the ancient architect and embodiment of superior Knowledge and wisdom,with the lofty aim of grooming Professional Architects for national progress

Maharshi Vedavyasa is the fountain head of National Culture ( Bharathiya- Sanskriti ), the author of Mahabhartha, the great Epic( Itihasa), Brahmasutras ( Exposition of the Upanishads – Vedanta) who systematized Vedas and torch- bearer of the most profound spiritual knowledge for the benefit of humanity .He is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu and custodian of the treasure of Superior Wisdom ( Brahma- jnana ) and immortal. There is nothing in the Universe which is not touched by Lord Vedavyasa “ Vyasosishtam Jagathsarvam ” I am confident that His sprit will lead us to make this institution one of the best in the world

18Kms south of Calicut Railway Station and near to Calicut University, the college is situated on top of the picturesque Vedavysa Hills , in the midst of sublime mountain beauty and mystical calm, in an atmosphere conducive to academic studies .

We extend a sincere and warm welcome to the Architecture aspirants to make use of our infrastructure as well as high spiritual and academic atmosphere to become successful Architects of tomorrow .